President’s Message

March-April 2023

Prof. Peter Libby, MD
President, IAS



Dear IAS members,

Among IAS’ goals is collaboration with other societies and stakeholders to foster research and education on cardio-cerebro-metabolic and thrombosis risk factors. To this end, IAS is engaged as a global scientific partner of INTERASPIRE.

INTERASPIRE is an international study of more than 4,000 coronary patients across 14 countries. It aims to:

  • Describe prevalence of cardiometabolic and renal risk factors
  • Describe current risk factor management to defined targets by drug therapies
  • Provide an objective assessment of clinical implementation of international and national cardiovascular guidelines
  • Investigate the reasons for variation in preventive cardiology practice between regions and countries
  • Promote the principles of best preventive cardiology practice through continental and national societies of cardiology and heart foundations.

This project’s other partners include the World Heart Federation, European Society of Cardiology, Inter-American Society of Cardiology, Pan-African Society of Cardiology, and the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology.

The patient interview and examination data will be locked for 14 countries at the end of April 2023 and principal results should be presented and published this year. IAS’ global experts will lead and support analyses on lipids, Lp(a) and triglycerides over the next 18 months. This is a great opportunity for the society to contribute to knowledge regarding the regional impact of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. This information should enhance the implementation of evidence-based preventive measures in diverse communities.

Collaboration on INTERASPIRE provides a wonderful opportunity for IAS to contribute to the global effort to conquer cardiovascular disease.