President’s Message

June 2021

Raul D. Santos MD, MSc, PhD
President, IAS

I’m proud of our Society’s achievements over the last year, particularly in providing more opportunities for engagement of our members and sponsors, introducing innovative programming formats and topics, and providing professional development and outreach opportunities.  We will continue these initiatives, with virtual programming, and events held in collaboration with other societies from around the world.

I do hope you have taken advantage of the great programs available in the newly redesigned IAS Education Center.  The newest addition is the Essentials of Residual Risk, a 14-part video series. The IAS has developed this accredited video series to systematically address the recent information on vascular risk and to suggest new approaches to reduce this residual risk.  Led by former IAS president Dr. William Virgil Brown, this series brings together top experts recognized globally, regionally, and nationally to discuss real-world issues in identification of preventable cardiovascular risk as well as current and future treatments of risk factors. The program is being released in 4 Modules.   Modules 1 and 2 are now available and the next 2 Modules are set to be released in July and August.

Also available is the 1st Kuwait FH Symposium and 4th IAS Severe FH Masterclass and IAS/ASPED Pediatric FH Satellite. This symposium is an opportunity to learn about exciting developments and updated diagnostic guidelines in the field of hypercholesterolemia presented by world-renowned medical experts.  In particular, the program discusses how to recognize, diagnose, and treat severe familial hypercholesterolemia patients based on current guidelines. We also discuss the novel therapies recently approved for homozygous FH like inhibitors of ANGPTL3 for instance.

As a global organization, the IAS is interested in establishing a knowledge base of barriers of care relevant to the resources and understanding of clinicians in various regions of the world. In addition to participation on Lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] THINK TANK coordinated by the US National Lipid Association (NLA), as well as on the ATVB council Lp(a) guidelines, IAS is working on the Examination of Clinical Issues in Lipoprotein(a). This is a global needs assessment survey designed to address underlying causalities that exist within the healthcare community to raise awareness around Lp(a) and support changes in clinicians’ practice behaviors. It intends to identify and validate the current clinical understanding of Lp(a) from various population and practice settings to ascertain not only the clinician’s ability to address Lp(a) management strategies but also their  ability to implement practice change.  Much needs to be understood about the clinicians’ comprehension of the cardiovascular events attributed to elevated Lp(a).  The IAS is planning an implementation science-based study to assess targeted clinicians (cardiologists, endocrinologists, internists, and lipidologists) who focus on managing patients for dyslipidemias among several major ethnic population groups.  The IAS intends to release its findings as a global needs assessment and the information made widely available as entities design and create the interventions to address the specific populations.

I’d like to add that  IAS can provide our member societies with names of global experts on topics that you may be planning to cover at upcoming programs.  We are always happy to participate in joint symposia and programs when asked.

Remember that the IAS is always here to assist you!

Raul D. Santos, MD

IAS President

Raul Santos