President’s Message

June 2020

Raul D. Santos MD, MSc, PhD
President, IAS



I am extremely proud to share that a new survey by the International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) has been released.  World-wide, cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death, responsible for over 17 million deaths each year. Although there are guidelines for managing elevated LDL cholesterol and other lipids, implementation is a key challenge.  The survey provided a ‘snapshot’ of the gaps in knowledge among clinicians that limit best practice. This web-based survey was carried out in countries representing different regions of the world: Japan, Germany, Colombia, and the Philippines.  In Japan, the survey was a follow-up to an initial survey in 2017.  Overall, 1,758 clinicians, 508 in Japan, 500 in Germany, 345 in Colombia, and 405 in the Philippines, took part in the survey.

Failure to treat LDL cholesterol adequately is the number one cause of the high residual atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk that persists in all regions of the world.  Clearly we need a CALL TO ACTION, as there is an urgent need for education programs to clarify the information in the guidelines and overcome barriers in practice, an action very much in line with the mission of the IAS to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.  To view the paper, video presentations, and for more information, please visit our website at:

The IAS recently announced the winners of the 2nd Wael Al-Mahmeed & IAS Research Training Grants and Fellowships for the MENA Region & Africa project.  These prestigious Fellowships are made possible through a generous donation kindly offered by Dr. Wael Abdulrahman Al Mahmeed (Abu Dhabi, UAE).  This year’s winners are:

I also wish to thank the members of the Review Committee: Dr. Khamis Al-Hashmi (Oman), Dr. Fahad Al-Nouri (KSA), Dr. Khalid Al-Rasadi (Oman), Dr. Ahmad Al-Sarraf (Kuwait), Dr. Nasreen Al-Sayed (Bahrain), Dr. Khalid Al-Waili (Oman), Dr. Fahad Al-Zadjali (Oman), Dr. Zuhair Awan (KSA), Dr. Ashraf Reda (Egypt), Dr. Hani Sabbour (UAE), Dr. Amirhossein Sahebkar (Iran), for their hard work and commitment.  Congratulations to the winners and best wishes to our young colleagues for successful research outcomes! This is totally within the goals of IAS of being inclusive and giving opportunities for career development of young physicians/scientists.

I also recently participated in an IAS endorsed webinar program in Brazil, through the Novo-Nordisk Diabetes 3600  Initiative, we were able to reach almost 1,800 physicians and I’d like to thank the participation of  Prof. Peter Libby our president elect that certainly contributed a lot to the meeting success .   The idea is to expand the programs to the rest of LATAM with the participation of members from our Americas Federation. If you wish to view the program (in Portuguese only) , it can be found on our website at the link below:

Finally, I do wish you and your loved ones lots of health on this COVID-19 pandemic and I’m sure we’ll win this war on SARS-COVID-2, science, good sense and good will are going to prevail! Please be safe!

Raul Santos