CardioMedica (Alexa)

Say “Alexa, Enable CardioMedica” or “Alexa, Ask CardioMedica”

CardioMedica is an Alexa skill created for the IAS by AudioEducate.

Programs and information about the videos and podcasts are located in the CardioMedica library.

If you enjoy working with you Alexa device, you may want to try a program on this channel.


To get started using your Alexa device, say

Say “Alexa, Enable CardioMedica” or “Alexa, Ask CardioMedica”

Alexa will open the skill and ask you if you wish to “Begin”.

If yes, Alexa will play the latest program uploaded by IAS.

At the end of the podcast or video, Alexa will take a short survey. 

When finished you can take the next program in the catalog.


Note: All programs are presented in English. Sometime language limitations and certain country restrictions imposed by Amazon may prevent play.