ScreenPro – Screening Project for Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe

The ScreenPro FH Project started in 2014/2015. Based on the Czech MedPed experience the project was established for screening, diagnosis and treatment of FH patients in the region of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

  • We started with 8 countries, now we are 20.
  • We started with 70 centers, now we are 181 (other 40 in development).
  • We started with 7500 patients in the local databases, now, they are 23 191.
  • We started cooperation with patient´s organization in 8 countries (2017).
  • We focus on education, screening and care of FH patients. Nowadays we are on the way from description of the situation to improvement in the treatment.

You can view it as follows:
Report 2017
Report 2018