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First Lipid Clinic in Damascus.  A fruitful collaboration between the International FH community and MOH in Syria resulted in the  establishment of the First Lipid Clinic there. On Sunday, April 11th, 2021, we celebrated the opening of the First Lipid Clinic in Damascus, the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic, a country whose people have been suffering from incredible challenges for many years.

Three years of extremely hard efforts with colleagues there to establish this clinic, in the last three months, we focused more on the support presented to this project from the international FH community.

The clinic was established at the Basil Al-Assad specialized Hospital for cardiovascular medicine and cardiac surgery, the biggest center in the capital Damascus.

Dr. Yasin Bani Marjeh (HOD) of cardiology at the hospital supervised all the steps which proceeded the opening and the two Heroes (Dr. Mohammad Omar and Dr. Rahaf Aboud ) the youngest cardiologists finalized all the work which ended in opening of this clinic.  The last three months were crucial in collaboration between us.

We were discussing the project all that time with our colleagues in Damascus and transferred what we had of expertise from establishment of the Iraqi lipid clinics network to utilize them in copying the project in Syria.


The success story deriving from the educational activities of the IAS and OSLA in the MENA Region continues. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Mutaz Alkhnifsaw and his Iraqi colleagues at the moment 13 Lipid clinics have been established throughout the country.
Dr. Mutaz Al-khnifsawi, the President of the Iraqi Lipid Clinics Network was invited by the Federal Ministry of Health in Iraq to attend the first meeting between the Network and the Ministry to support the mission of improving health care for FH patients in Iraq and improve the quality of early diagnosis and treatment of this genetic disorder.
The Iraqi Lipid Clinics Network announced the launch of the Iraqi national pediatric FH screening program in collaboration with and under the auspices of the International Atherosclerosis Society in two cities in Iraq , Diwaniya and Al-Samawa) for early diagnosis and treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia in Iraq.

Under the auspices of the International Atherosclerosis Society , the Iraqi Lipid Clinics Network established the first lipid clinic in the Iraqi capital Baghdad: the lipid clinic will provide health care for Familial Hypercholesterolemia patients (Early diagnosis and proper treatment). Dr. Khalid Al-Jumaily the vice-president of the network will run the Clinic in Ibn- Al-Nafees Cardiac Hospital.
The project is sponsored by Al-Mamourah scientific bureau in Iraq.

May I share with you our latest activities in the field of FH detection, awareness and treatment.
In Erbil , the capital of Kurdistan territory in the north of Iraq (400 km to the northeast of the capital Baghdad, We launched the national pediatric FH screening program in collaboration with the health authority in Erbil (Raparin Pediatric Hospital).
Erbil is the third city in Iraq we launched the program in. Assistant professor of pediatrics Dr. Lana Mohammed was nominated to be the project manager there. National Pediatric FH Screening Program is one of the projects established by the Iraqi lipid clinics network.

I am very pleased to inform you that after a year of planning and preparations, the Iraqi lipid clinics network in collaboration with the federal ministry of health in Iraq , under sponsorship of Al-Mamorah scientific bureau, on behalf of the international atherosclerosis society established the 12th lipid clinics in the city of Mosul 480 km to the northeast of the capital Baghdad. This activity included a symposium about FH for the medical staff in Ibn Sina teaching hospital in which the clinics will work Mosul is the second big Iraqi city after the Capital Baghdad in which more than 2 million people live. The clinic will provide health care for familial hypercholesterolemia patients there. Thanks to the great support of the IAS.

The opening ceremony of the 13th Lipid clinic in Najaf city 170 km to the southwest of the capital Baghdad. A lecture was given by Dr. Mohammed Dhamin the manager of the clinic about the prevalence, risk and the importance of early detection and proper treatment of Familial lipid disorders particularly FH.

Dr. Mutaz Al-khnifsawi, president of the Iraqi Lipid Clinics Network, participated recently in a workshop held in Cairo, Egypt. The participants were a group of Egyptian university students, newly graduated males and females, as well as some Iraqis living in Egypt.
The workshop focused on Familial hypercholesterolemia/FH (prevalence, risk, how to diagnose, how to treat, the importance of early detection and cascade screening) is part of the IAS-OSLA campaign, established in Iraq several months ago to raise public awareness about Familial hypercholestrolemia, The presentations by dr Mutaz used a simplified language to better transfer the messages and included short videos and also photos of FH signs. A stimulating and interactive discussion followed the presentations.
Dr. Mutaz Al-khnifsawi, participated recently in the FH Global Summit in Los Angeles, CA, USA and delivered an FH awareness lecture about the prevalence, risk, importance of early diagnosis and cascade screening for some Iraqis and middle east people living in California, USA in their mosque after the night pray time was given.

In September 24th 2018, The Iraqi lipid clinics network celebrated the FH awareness day in which a sample from the Iraqi people in Al-Diwaniya city 200 km to the South of the Capital Baghdad include various layers of the community (Solider, Engineer, University Students, Journalists, Doctor and Pharmacist, Nursing Staff, Educational Staff in Schools, University Professors) met together to listen to our talk about FH (Prevalence, risk, signs of the disease, the importance of early diagnosis and cascade screening of the family) in a simplified native language that included photos and short videos illustrating the impact of the problem.
This event was followed by Radio broadcast in the local radio station of the city that was published on social media which talk to the whole Iraqi people about FH.
Dr Mutaz Al-khnifsawi, President of the Iraqi Lipid Clinics Network and Dr Mohammed Asamawa, Secretary of the Iraqi Lipid Clinics Network have been very active in rising awareness on familial lipid disorders among the Iraqi medical community and the population.


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