EAEDA – International Society of Atherosclerosis Endorsed Dyslipidemia Course 2022

Location: Golden Jewel Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt

Day 1: Thursday 24 March (6:00 pm- 9:00pm)

Registration: 6:00-6:30 pm

Session 1: Lipoprotein Metabolism (6:30-7:00pm)
  • Chairperson: Prof. Fahmy Amara      Prof. Raul Santos
  • Speaker: Prof. Yehia Ghanem
Session 2: Assessment of cardiovascular risk (7:00-7:30pm)
  • Chairperson: Prof. Fahmy Amara     Prof. Yehia Ghanem
  • Speaker: Prof. Iman Youssef
Session 3: Diabetic Dyslipidemia (7:30- 8:00pm)
  • Chairperson: Prof. Yehia Ghanem    Prof. Mohamed Abdel Raouf
  • Speaker: Prof. Talaat Abdel Aaty
Session 4: Management of Diabetic Dyslipidemia: “A real-life case study” (8:00-8:30pm)
  • Chairpersons: Prof. Fahmy Amara      Prof. Mohamed Abdel Raouf
  • Speaker: Prof. Magdy Helmy Megallaa


Day 2: Friday 25 March (2:00 pm- 5:00pm)

Registration: 2:00-2:30 pm

Session 1: Guidelines Overview (2:30-3:00pm)
  • Chairperson: Prof. Samir Helmy Assaad    Prof. Yehia Ghanem
  • Speaker: Prof. Azza Abdel Kareem
Session 2: What is beyond statins? Time for new molecules& targets!! (3:00-3:30)
  • Chairpersons: Prof. Samir Helmy Assaad       Prof. Yehia Ghanem
  • Speaker: Assist. Prof. Noha G. Amin
Session 3: Familial Hypercholesterolemia (3:30-4:30pm)
  • Chairperson: Prof. Yehia Ghanem        Assist. Prof. Noha G. Amin
  • Speaker: Prof. Raul Santos
Session 4: Statin intolerance…What you should know?? (4:30-5:00pm)
  • Chairpersons: Prof. Yehia Ghanem    Prof. Iman Youssef
  • Speaker: Prof. Kamel Hemida