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Mission Statement:
The society is not only established for in-depth research in etiology, pathology, physiology, and clinical medicine, but also dedicated to prevention of vascular diseases.

History of Department of Asia Pacific Society of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Disease:
Many medical researchers had held several epidemiological studies in the past 30 years: The prevalence rates of coronary arterial disease (CAD) in early rural aboriginals for male and female are 2.7 % and 1.1 % respectively. In 1970’s, the prevalence rates of CAD in urban and in rural area are 2.7 % and 0.6 % respectively. In 1990’s, the difference of prevalence rates of CAD in urban and in rural area is not significant, the rates rise up to 3.5 %. For the prevalence rates of cerebral vascular accident (CVA) in 1970’s, it is 1.2 % in urban area and is 1.7% in rural area. A result obtained from the investigation of CVA in Ching- shan shang, Taipei County , the prevalence rate is 2.5 % in 1994. Obviously, the prevalence rate of atherosclerosis is still high.
According to the data analysis results, the risk factors related to coronary arterial diseases and cerebral vascular accidents are age, gender, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking and obesity etc. The rectified risk factors should be hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, and we need to pay much attention to the last one.
The prevalence rates of hyperlipidemia in Taiwan before 1980’s are described below: It is 5 % for hypercholesterolemia. For hypertriglyceridemia with triglyceride level higher than 200 mg/ml, the rate is about 10 %. Later in 1990’s, the prevalence rate of hypercholesterolemia grows up to 10-15%, and the rate of hypertriglyceridemia is also up to 20%. Thus, the management of hyperlipidemia is the most important clinical task for atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases in Taiwan , and it’s essential for Taiwan Society of atherosclerosis and vascular diseases to take the responsibility in the management.

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