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Daniel Pella, MD, PhD
3rd Internal Clinic
Centre of Excellency for Atherosclerosis Research
Louis Pasteur University Hospital
Faculty of Medicine PJ Safarik University
Trieda SNP 1
041 90 Kosice
Slovak Republic
tel. + 421 55 640 2521
fax: + 421 55 640 3861
Past President
Lubomíra Fábryová, MD,PhD
Metabol KLINIK
Cukrová 3
811 08 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421-2-52620738
Fax.: +421-2-52620738

Board of the Society
Daniel Pella, MD,PhD

Eva Rajecová,MD

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Mission statement:
The mission of the Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis is to promote research, science, teaching and education in the field of atherosclerosis focusing on lipid metabolism and related risk factors. This also includes others activities such as encouraging the national atherosclerosis preventive programs, dissemination of medical knowledge into the daily clinical practice and professional general public information. The exchange of existing knowledge by organising annual scientific symposia and making interdisciplinary professional contacts represent important tools how to achieve this mission.

History of the Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis
Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis was established in 1992. Clinical lipidology and atherosclerosis research in former Czechoslovakia were founded by professor Josef Sobra. At the first scientific meeting of the Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis (SAA) he was invited to give the opening lecture and untill now SAA activities have been based on common Czechoslovak grounds.
Since 2004, the SAA is affiliated to Slovak Medical Society and is an active partner of European Atherosclerosis Society.
In 1997 SAA initiated and co-ordinated the international MED PED project in Slovakia. Currently, twelve MED PED centres throughout the country are participating to make diagnosis, therapy and family register of familial hypercholesterolemia and other severe primary hyperlipidemias. Thanks to our innitiatives, legislative changes for the primary prevention of atherosclerosis were accepted by the Ministry of Health. Among them, the most important is the obligatory screening of dyslipidemias in quadragerians by general practitioners.
SAA annually organises scientific meetings called New Trends in Prevention of Atherosclerosis. The Association also organises conferences, meetings and teaching courses on the irregular basis and has been the major coordinator of national guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of hyperlipoproteinemia – Slovak Cholesterol Consensus (published in 1998), Lipid Consensus 2 (published in 2003) and Update of Lipid Consensus 2 (published in 2006).
During 2003 – 2006 SAA organised and coordinated project aimed on finding serious risk factors in quadragerian Slovak population, in present time the research continues in many fields thanks to SAA grants.

Current activities:
Members of executive committee SAA in cooperation with Slovak Pediatric Society going to published Recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidaemia in children and adolescents.
Project AtheroEduc (2009-2010) – SAA in cooperation with journal Via Practica focused on education general practitioners in atherosclerosis and management of dyslipidaemia in daily clinical practice.
Report for the past activities

Website of the Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis
The official website of the Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis is Site has been completely re-designed and nowadays is available in Slovak version and partly in English version (English version is under reconstruction now).