Greece – Hellenic Society of Lipidology, Atherosclerosis and Vascular Diseases

Members: 361
Page Last Updated: 23/03/2022

Loukianos Rallidis
Vice President:
Georgia Ifanti
Charalampos Vlachopoulos
Secretary General:
Konstantinos Makrylakis
Theofanis Apostolou
Dimitris Richter
Dimitris Stamatis
Nikolaos Kaperonis
Evgenia Mavrokefalou
Antonios Zampelas
Matina Katsaouni
Past President:
John Lekakis

Greek scientists showed early an interest in the subject of atherosclerosis. Dr. Konstantine Moiras organized the first European meeting on atherosclerosis in 1960 and Dr. Aravanis founded the first Greek society on atherosclerosis in the 1961 to 1970 period.
The Hellenic Society of Lipidiology was initially founded in 1990, by Drs. George Tsitouris and Theodore Gounaris who became the first President and Vice-President respectively, and received its current name in 1996.

The cornerstone of the Society’s policies is to serve science and the society and to maintain public trust based on principles adopted by the IAS, the EAS, and the AHA.
Goals of the society are:

  • To advance the education of health professionals, the students of the health profession and the general public on the risks which contribute to the development of atherosclerosis and current guidelines for prevention and/or treatment.
  • To encourage basic, clinical, epidemiological and nutritional research in Greece pertinent to atherosclerosis, based on international standards.
  • To promote and facilitate international collaborations and exchanges of Greek scientists with scientists abroad.


  1. Publications
    • Atheroma, a quarterly publication currently edited by Dr. Loukianos Rallidis containing updated reviews and current topics; is distributed to 7,000 physicians and scientists.
  2. Meetings
    • Local meetings: One or more meetings every year in Athens, and/or in other Greek cities, frequently in collaboration with other societies.
    • International meetings:
      A series of three conferences, which included one-day state of the art symposium (April 6-8, 1995, April 10-12, 1997, April 5-7, 2001) and two-day physicians education course.
      The instructors of the courses were faculty who taught in the AHA-sponsored courses “for management of EAS and IAS.” Directors of the courses were Dr. Gustav Schonfeld (St. Louis, 1995), Dr. John Brunzell (Seattle, Washington, 1997), and Dr. Peter Kwiterovich (Johns Hopkins University, 2001).
      1999, May 26-29, Athens: 71st EAS Congress on Atherosclerosis, Co-Sponsored by IAS
      1999, May 23-25, Delphi: Satellite Symposium of 71st EAS: The Metabolic Syndrome
      1999 May 30-June 1, Kos: Satellite of 71st EAS: Animal Models of Atherosclerosis
      2004, September 2-6, Heraklion, Crete: The HDL Workshop
  3. International affiliations:
    The society is a member of EAS since 1993, and IAS since 1996.

The President and a nine-member executive board.

The society currently has 311 members, including basic and clinical scientists, nutritionists, epidemiologists, and physicians trained in internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology, pediatrics, and other specialties.

Current Research Interests:
Structure and function of apolipoproteins and regulation of their genes:

  • role of apoA-I in the biogenesis and functions of HDL;
  • role of apoE in atherogenesis and in Alzheimer’s disease;
  • role of hormone nuclear receptors in the regulation of the apolipoprotein genes in vivo.