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President’s Message

Prof. Peter Libby

President of the International Atherosclerosis Society


I am privileged to take the helm of the International Atherosclerosis Society following on Raul Santos’ successful three years of leadership. When I when I stood for election to this prestigious post, I presented a brief that outlined several points which bear emphasis here. First, we must retain and even expand focus on the “International“ in our society’s name. The greatest burden of cardiovascular risk and disease now resides in lower and middle income countries. We must affirm and expand our commitment to enlisting representation and participation from the growing economies and developing world, regions increasingly affected by the disease we strive to conquer. We need to continue to grow efforts to combat atherosclerotic risk globally. Achieving this goal requires us learn together cultural sensitivities and to embrace local challenges that would allow us to help mitigate atherosclerosis and complications not just in high-income countries, but worldwide.

Read the rest of Dr. Libby’s message here.


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