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President’s Message

Prof. Peter Libby

President of the International Atherosclerosis Society


We have come far in cardiovascular prevention, but the job is far from finished. We see numerous and exciting developments on the horizon regarding the management of lipid disorders. The most immediate dividend of our research enterprise will be the public presentation of the results of the Cholesterol Lowering via Bempedoic Acid – an ACLY-inhibiting Regimen (CLEAR) outcomes study of bempedoic acid in patients with statin intolerance. All practitioners know that reluctance to take statins plagues our practices and interferes with our getting patients to their guideline-directed goals for low-density lipoprotein (LDL). In particular, those of us with specialized referral clinics for cardiovascular prevention seem to have a steady stream of patients who cannot or will not tolerate statins. The results of the CLEAR study will be presented at the American College of Cardiology Conference in early March. We know from the press release that the study met its primary endpoint. We eagerly await the formal presentation. The results could offer a boon for our statin-reluctant or statin-intolerance patients. Read President Libby’s full message here.


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