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IAS Triennial Symposia

The IAS has had continuous Triennial Meetings since 1966. In earlier years these meetings represented the almost exclusive activities of the IAS. But they additionally represented a forum for the development of a true international organization with a much more far reaching agenda that includes all of the member societies. These member societies are listed on the homepage.

Upcoming Member Society Activities

The IAS supports 67 constituent societies which have more than 17,000 members. Each society holds periodic meetings in addition to other educational activities held during the year. This site lists upcoming meetings and educational activities of the IAS member societies. Once these events are held, a summary is added to the society link on the IAS website.

Upcoming IAS Endorsed Activities -Non-IAS Member

Every year various organizations promote scientific educational activities and request endorsement from the IAS. If the IAS Education and Executive Committees approve such endorsement, the activities will be listed on the IAS website homepage.

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From the IAS President’s Desk

President Raul Santos

As President of the IAS I am very proud to Welcome You to the New IAS Website!
I hope you like it and consider it as a reliable source of information. We look forward to receiving many comments from our readers so to improve, update, and broaden the content.
The IAS is a global entity and the IAS website should represent all the excellences, diversities and commonalities of our network.
It is important that we all work together and share experiences.
Thank you for your support.

Raul Santos

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XIX International Symposium
on Atherosclerosis

October 24–27, 2021 • Kyoto, Japan

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Featured Connections

This website is a valuable source of information for the IAS members and the cardiovascular community. We draw your attention to the following featured connections:


A compilation of the guidelines on the prevention of atherosclerotic diseases published by several scientific Societies. These guidelines are readily available in pdf format or Power Point slides.
New additions: please check the latest guidelines: Brazilian FH guidelines.

E-Newsletter and E-Literature

The E-Newsletter provides a monthly update of the major activities of the IAS. The E-Literature lists the major articles published in the world’s literature pertaining to atherosclerosis. It is a treasure trove of new scientific information.

Statin Newsletter

The IAS is pleased to share with its readership this informative Newsletter: The IAS Statin Newsletter.
Statin publications have been targeted because of the fundamental role of statins as agents to reduce atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk. The service aims to address the needs of health care professionals globally who manage patients with or at risk of developing ASCVD.

Clinical Trials

Abstracts of newly published clinical trials on atherosclerosis and the links to Pub Med, divided by topics and regularly updated. At the bottom of each trial abstract you will find a box where you can write your comments. Please limit your text to max 200 words. Your comments are encouraged.


The IAS provides slides obtained from previous IAS meetings and co-sponsored meetings. It also links to the slide collection of the Lorenzini Foundation and other organizations that make slides available over the internet.


The website links to a very large number of organizations and government agencies in fields related to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular medicine. It further links to key databases, libraries and journals.

View recent papers on atherosclerosis by Country

Finally, the website includes all recent publications in the atherosclerosis field from each country represented by our member societies. Visit the Member Societies Page (see right panel) and click on the country of your choice.