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President’s Message

Prof. Peter Libby

President of the International Atherosclerosis Society


Among IAS’ goals is collaboration with other societies and stakeholders to foster research and education on cardio-cerebro-metabolic and thrombosis risk factors. To this end, IAS is engaged as a global scientific partner of INTERASPIRE. INTERASPIRE is an international study of more than 4,000 coronary patients across 14 countries. It aims to:

  • Describe prevalence of cardiometabolic and renal risk factors
  • Describe current risk factor management to defined targets by drug therapies
  • Provide an objective assessment of clinical implementation of international and national cardiovascular guidelines
  • Investigate the reasons for variation in preventive cardiology practice between regions and countries
  • Promote the principles of best preventive cardiology practice through continental and national societies of cardiology and heart foundations.

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